Teen Coaching

Being a teenager is supposed to be so much fun - but it seems like it’s all about how important those choices are. I have a question for you.

Is it really going to mess up your life if you choose the wrong college? Or major? Or friends?

This is one conversation you need to have with your parents. Ask them to call me and let’s get started. It’s your life! We can work together to make great decisions without the stress.

GPA, scholarship applications, getting along with teachers, friend’s attitude, graduating, girlfriend/boyfriend issues, pre-game jitters, dealing with parents, learning to drive, “How do I look?”, peer approval, peer pressure, making the team, getting into college, paying for college … do you have enough to worry about?

Success – whatever that means to you – is easier to achieve when you have a Coach who gets it. Keith works with teens and their parents to help them achieve their dreams and make the most of their opportunities. He can help you work through academic, social, athletic, and life challenges and come out way ahead of the game.

Life Coach Keith Dent, and I can help you learn how to take those choices one at a time, think them through, and come up with a plan that works for you …for your life.