Marriage Workbook

Marriage Workbook

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Do you know your future spouse’s personality? What make males tick? Why do women ask so many
questions? If you didn’t realize it, your future spouse’s personality will help shape everything in your
marriage; how he/she handles the kids, the finances, and even sex. It will be important to understand
their personality when dealing with important, sensitive issues in your marriage.

 Read how this husband had no clue of his wife’s temperament.

Man: Hey, sweetie can I talk to you for a minute?
Woman: Sure, what’s up?
Man: I really didn’t appreciate the fact that you were speaking for me the other day at the hotel?
Woman: You never had a problem with my aggressiveness before. What’s the problem now?
Man: It didn’t bother me as much, but now that we are married you don’t have to step in all the time!
Woman: Well, I am who I am. You can’t just all of a sudden flip the script on me when it suits you. You
knew who you were marrying!
Man: I am not trying to change you, but I can take care of myself.
Woman: Well if it bothered you, you should have spoken up sooner!

This is a common conflict in marriage. I often hear, “He/she isn’t who I thought they were.” There
could be two reasons for this one, during the courting phase of the relationship you didn’t ask the right
questions or two, you didn’t really understand your own temperament so how could you know your

So how can you better understand your personality as well as your partner’s prior to marriage?

Understanding your personalities will be a main building block to putting your married life on the path
to success, learn how to navigate the road with The Marriage Workbook.